"The Wife's Tale"
Season 02, Number 02


Name "The Wife's Tale"
Air date November 24, 2010
Written by Zev Borow
Andrea Newman
Directed by Mimi Leder
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"Ilsa Pucci"
"Taking Ames"

The Wife's Tale is the second episode of the second season of Human Target. The title is presumably intended to evoke Chaucer, as well as stating the differing viewpoint.


Chance is contacted by Donnelly who tells him that Rebecca Brooks, the wife of a man he assassinated seven years earlier, is a target. Chance pretends to be her date from an online dating serves to get her to safety, but her real date "Kevin" shows up and turns out to be the assassin. Rebecca takes off and Chance follows her and drives off with her when the assassin starts shooting at her. They figure out that her husband must have been killed over a theory which she wants to complete, but he shipped his papers from the university to a family home in Tiburon. Meanwhile Guerrero and Ames deduce that a lawyer from a private investment bank ordered the hit, and that Daniel Brooks used to blackmail the firm. Brooks realizes that the theory can be applied to manipulating the stock market. Chance confesses that he killed her husband and Rebecca shoots him in the shoulder and runs away. The assassin shows up and he and Chance fight, Chance wins. Rebecca pulls a gun on Chance, Donnelly disarms Rebecca and is about to shoot Chance as Winston shoots him, reiterating his distaste for bad guys.

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  • This is presumably designed to evoke Chaucer.