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"The Other Side of the Mall"
Season {{#pad:2|2|0|left}}, Number 06

2x06 Episode.jpg

Air date December 22, 2010
Written by Zev Borow
Directed by Peter Lauer
Production code 2J5708
U.S. viewers 5.75 million
U.S. ratings 1.4/5 A18-49
Case Folder
Location: San Francisco, California
Protectee The Applebaums
Suburban family, whistleblowers
Cover Paul Collingsworth
Office temp, Hoxton Moss Pharmaceuticals
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"Dead Head"
"A Problem Like Maria"

The Other Side of the Mall is the sixth episode of the second season of Human Target and the eighteenth overall.


The team travels to the suburbs during the holiday season, as they go undercover to try and figure out why a seemingly innocent, entirely average family is the target of repeated, professional murder attempts. Then again, all this enforced normalcy may lead to the team going on killing sprees of their own.

Guest stars[]

  • John Michael Higgins as Richard Applebaum
  • Taylor Boggan as Joel Applebaum
  • David Orth as Klemah Stevenson
  • Chad Willett as Nick Meachem
  • Rebecca McFarland as Rachel Applebaum
  • Marie Averopoulous as Jamie Hartloff
  • Nickolas Baric as Thug with a Gun
  • Michael Brock as Eric
  • Alexander Calvert as Sean
  • Brandon Colby Cook as Jock
  • Natalie Gibson as Terrified Book Club Woman
  • Liliane Leila Juna as Aid Worker
  • Peter Wilson as Worker