Season 01, Number 10

1x10 Episode

Name "Tanarak"
Air date March 31, 2010
Written by Mike Ostrowski
Directed by Kevin Hooks
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"Corner Man"

Tanarak is the tenth episode of the first season of Human Target.


Chance travels to a remote Alaskan island to find a missing doctor (after mercenaries were sent to kill her), and expose an industrial giant’s involvement in the death of a mining foreman. The team's tendency to exploit a hand is on display once more, as are their 'David and Goliath' interactions with large and soulless entities.

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The title may well be another comics reference, although Marvel not DC this time. Whilst there does not appear to be a real-world island of this name, a dark, powerful spirit called "Tanaraq" took control of a mortal named Walter Langowski and transformed him into a creature known as "Sasquatch", a core member of Canada's Alpha Flight.