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Stephanie Dobbs
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Stephanie Dobbs laying out her situation
Name Stephanie Dobbs
Played by Tricia Helfer
First appearance Pilot

Stephanie Dobbs is a go-getting design engineer building a vital new train, who finds herself in need of Chance's unique services. She comes to meet Winston after an auto mechanic finds 8 ounces of Primasheet 2000 under the hood of her car, thankfully connected to a battery that had gone dead.

Her ex-husband James Dobbs accompanies her to the office, and is equally anxious to safeguard the woman who still, presumably for sentimental reasons, wears his ring.

As the tale unfolds, however, it becomes clear that the couple are each power players at McNamara Engineering in their own right, with James having shielded his genius of a wife from a great deal of flak, according to Tom, the best man at their wedding and the company's chief counsel. ("Pilot")

Stephanie's irritation and qualms are not remotely relieved when Chance informs her he will be posing as her translator for the vital meeting with Mr. Saito and his cartel of Japanese businessmen, and she is rather blown away when Chance proves to be perfect for the role.