Wikia HT - Saito

A Japanese investor in the McNamara Engineering's California Bullet Train, indeed the largest single donor of funds, Mr. Saito is someone Stephanie Dobbs desperately needs to impress. Sadly, he appears to speak no English, and she's engaged a man she knows nothing about to masquerade as her interpreter. To her shock, however, he proves to be utterly fluent and more than capable of charming the money men.

It's a perspective that changes when Saito himself is forced to ask, in Japanese, who the bloody figure before him is, after Chance saves Stephanie's life from an assassin, and the two of them try to get everyone, including the Japanese contingent, to safety. After the almost literal roller-coaster of the "Pilot", Saito and his associates (presumably) will not be investing in any similar venture anytime soon.