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Season {{#pad:1|2|0|left}}, Number 02

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Air date January 20, 2010
Written by Robert Levine
Directed by Steve Boyum
Case Folder
Location: Airflight from San Francisco to Seattle
Protectee Brooke Hammell (aka Casper)
Computer hacker
Cover Martin Gill
Head of Sales, Quality Mutual Insurance
Episode Guide
"Embassy Row"

Rewind is the second episode of Human Target.


Chance is hired by Phil Tennant to protect a world-class hacker who is flying up to Seattle to meet him. The ghost, who goes by the screen name Casper, discovered 'the skeleton key' to the Internet, a means to bypass all security. However, Chance only knows the flight and has no way of reaching Casper. Masquerading as Martin Gill, a passenger, he boards the plane along with Winston as a flight attendant to identify both hacker and assassin. Chance subdues the assassin but shots fired in the struggle rupture a fuel tank and expose wiring, creating a fire in the planes conduits. An Air Marshal handcuffs Chance. With the plane on fire and the pilot out, Chance, with the help of a flight attendant, Laura, subdues the Air Marshal and flips the plane upside down to direct the heavier airstream above the plane through the conduit and blow out the fire. When the plane is upside down the flight computer freezes. Casper proposes replacing the computer with her laptop, but it must be patched in manually and the flight computer is at the bottom of the plane. Chance and Laura crawl into the fuselage and connect the laptop. Laura reaches for her concealed gun, but Chance already swiped it off her. While the plane is turning Laura attacks Chance and attempts to push him out of the plane, he injects her with Ketamine and she falls out the plane. Meanwhile Guerrero, with help from Sergei, discover who hired the kidnappers. Casper makes it safely to Tennant, who seems to have considerable work for her.


  • The title presumably refers to the deja vu for Chance, although this time he himself is in the Winston role, offering a killer a different path.

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