Wikia HT - Natalia Petrovic
Angie Anderson is a loving wife and life partner, the kind who asks her husband about his day, and drags him to farmers' markets on the weekend. This same woman began life, however, as Natalia Petrovic, a Soviet citizen who developed into a multilingual, international assassin on Chance and Guerrero's level. Her handler/boss, Ivan, has embedded her to keep an eye on hubby's work, and has recently ordered her to terminate Bob.

When the Chance first meets her she seems like a woman who's irked by her husband not wanting to be alone with her, but accepting of the situation. Several things she does, however, ping on Chance's radar, and the two wetwork specialists are soon facing off, and using dinner cutlery and chairs in their attempts to finish each other. When he gets Bob out to safety though, Chance makes a discovery - the woman who was so earnest about killing him clearly isn't interested in killing Bob, only making it look that way.

Having figured this much out, the team decide to follow Angie/Natalia's lead and let her gambit play out. Natalia shoots Bob on orders, but is precise enough to make it non-fatal though convincing, and Chance repays the care and accuracy, doing the same to her.

Angie has an exit strategy, and when last seen she and Bob are headed for a new life together, in parts unspecified. Again, had the series been picked up, it seems at least possible the Andersons might have returned.