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Martin Gleason
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Name Martin Gleason
Played by Kevin Weisman
First appearance Lockdown

Martin Gleason (Kevin Weisman) is a brilliant engineer working for the defense contractor Centronics. In "Lockdown", Martin hires Christopher Chance (long distance) to rescue him when Centronics begins holding him against his will and Martin believes his life is in danger.

Character History[]

According to Winston as he's briefing Chance on the mission, Martin was top of his class at MIT and named a MacArthur Genius at age 29. Martin was hired by Centronics CEO Vivian Cox to head her weapons development team. Martin greatly enjoys the work he does for Vivian, both because it is fun for him and because it gives him a sense of purpose.

However, Martin and his coworker Kazinski become suspicious when a supposed earthquake in Burma bears a striking resemblance to the devastation caused by the plasma cannon, one of their prototype weapons. They realize that Vivian Cox has been illegally selling their weapons to foreign countries, but as they prepare to go public with the story, Kazinski mysteriously dies of a sudden heart attack. Martin fears that he could be next, so he keeps his mouth shut. As a result of the Kazinski situation, Vivian keeps Martin in his office under constant surveillance. He is held captive in Centronics until his latest project, a weapon that manipulates microwaves, is complete. Being confined to his office bothers Martin greatly, to the point that he begins talking to his fish, Meredith. He also chats occassionally with Layla, who is in charge of monitoring him daily.

Although he is being closely watched, Martin manages to relay a message to his father, who hires Chance to rescue Martin. As Chance breaks into Centronics, Martin is skeptical that they will be able to escape. However, it is Martin who ultimately finds a way to shut down Centronics security and escape, using one of his weapons. He is understandably nervous whenever he and Chance encounter a dangerous situation, but his confidence gradually builds throughout the course of their escape. As Vivian Cox stands poised to have Chance arrested for kidnapping Martin and causing billions of dollars of damage to the company, Martin stands up to her, telling the FBI how she had been holding him prisoner and how she was responsible for Kazinski's death. As Vivian is taken into custody and the conflict is resolved, Layla is finally able to introduce herself to Martin, and there seems to be a potential romantic connection between the two.