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"Marshall Pucci"
Season {{#pad:2|2|0|left}}, Number 13

2x13 Episode.jpg

Air date February 9, 2011 (Fox)
Written by Matt Miller &
Heather V. Regnier
Directed by David Barrett
Production code 2J5713
U.S. viewers 8.13 million
U.S. ratings 4.7/7 HH
2.3/6 A18-49
Case Folder
Location: San Francisco, California
Protectee Julia
CIA operative, posing as Pucci Foundation medical aide worker in Africa
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"The Trouble with Harry"

Marshall Pucci is the thirteenth and last episode of the second season of Human Target. It is the twenty-fifth episode overall and the series finale.


When Chance investigates the past of Ilsa's late husband Marshall Pucci, a trail of deception and lies is revealed, which could tear apart the team - assuming they survive that long.

Guest stars[]

  • Steven Brand as Marshall Pucci
  • Emily Foxler as Julia
  • Jake Weber as Bill Fickner
  • Hamza Adam as Aide
  • Marty Gage as CIA Operative
  • Beatrice Ilg as Receptionist
  • Matthew Kim Mandzij as McNally
  • Daniel Martin as Pilot
  • Christopher Pearce as Agent
  • Melissa Robertson as Civilian
  • Nelson Wong as Limo Driver