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Name Layla
Played by Autumn Reeser
First appearance Lockdown

Layla is a computer expert, formerly working in the security control room of Centronics headquarters. She later assisted Winston and Guerrero in tracking Baptiste and preventing the assassination of a foreign diplomat, before vanishing with nary a murmur or mention.


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Layla was formerly an employee of Centronics. She was put in charge of monitoring Martin Gleason in his office, via surveillance camera, and she would occasionally chat with him online to keep him company. She plainly stated that she was concerned about him, because of the conditions he was living and working under.

Her supervisor at Centronics was Leonard Kreese, the ruthless head of security for the company. As Christopher Chance and Martin come closer and closer to escaping, Kreese goes to further extremes to stop them, and Layla's feelings for Martin conflict with the orders she receives from Kreese. Ultimately, when Kreese orders her to kill them with toxic fire-supressant chemicals, Layla refuses.

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During Chance's infiltration of Centronics, Layla demonstrates her computer proficiency by manipulating security footage to capture an image of Chance's face. She runs it through FBI and INTERPOL databases, which results in a mysterious signal being sent out to the Old Man, bringing him one step closer to finding Chance.

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In the wake of the escape from Centronics, Layla finds a new job working with Chance, Winston and Guerrero. They feel obliged to offer her a shot with their team after having destroyed her former employer. While Chance and Special Agent Emma Barnes track Baptiste and attempt to prevent an assassination, she helps them tap into an FBI security feed, but not without the FBI discovering her intrusion and trying to lock her out. Layla impressively gets past the FBI security measures, and she performs well under pressure when Chance needs her to quickly input one of his fake identities into the FBI database.

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Throughout the Baptiste Operation, Layla must quickly adapt to the technical aspects involved in supporting Chance in the field. Guerrero is overly-critical of her for being noticed hacking into the FBI mainframe and for being generally naive, in terms of the conflict at hand. After the mission succeeds, she says that what they did was stressful, but it was also fun and exhilarating. Guerrero reprimands her, saying that the danger of their line of work is that it's always full of highs and lows, but nothing is ever what they think it is, and nothing is ever over.

However, after the Baptiste Operation Layla is neither seen nor mentioned again.


It seems Layla was originally intended as a permanent addition to the team, but for whatever reasons this did not work out.