Wikia HT - Steph and James discussing options

James Dobbs accompanies his ex-wife Stephanie to Winston's office, looking for a way to avert the danger which apparently besets her on all sides. Steph has been the target of a car-bombing attempt. The California Bullet Train, which she essentially designed, is due out of the station on its maiden voyage the next day, and the publicity has to be, without exception, peppy, so that means the security detail has to blend in. James works for McNamara too, but his focus is on the safety of his wife (he omits the 'ex'). Unfortunately, the denouement shows that his interest in his wife is less than that in money, as he hired the killer to take Stephanie out, and used his own tie to try and seal her and her bodyguard in the body of the train, there to perish. The cops drag him away, presumably to face multiple charges of murder, endangerment and fraud, but not before Stephanie gets in a good, solid slap. ("Pilot")