Wikia HT - Ivan in his office
Name Ivan
Played by Richard Zeman
Gender Male
First appearance Kill Bob

The Russian leader of a corrupt (seemingly KGB-affiliated) organization. When Bob Anderson finds out about his plans, Ivan ordered Natalia, who was Bob's wife under her cover identity as Angie Anderson, to kill her hubby. Bob was under protection of Chance, and Natalia step by step tipped her hand to the bodyguard, as she pulls her shots around Bob, but proves herself capable of world-class marksmanship in every other case. Ivan, unaware of this, continued to pressure Natalia to finish the job, and personally took the flash drive with the vital codes from Bob. He drove the car from which Natalia took shots at Chance, and was apparently killed by Chance. The couple used Natalia's 'exit strategy' and Ivan, presumably, believes them both dead. Chance declared Ivan would be back after " Kill Bob", but due to the cancellation of the series we will never see him again.