Ilsa Pucci
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Name Ilsa Pucci
Played by Indira Varma
First appearance Ilsa Pucci

Billionaire philanthropist and businesswoman Ilsa Pucci tracks down the reclusive and withdrawn Chance, in "Ilsa Pucci", and convinces him that he is the only one who can protect her from the killers of her late husband, Marshall. Chance reunites with Winston and Guerrero to save her. After solving her husband's murder, the grateful and impressed widow offers Chance and his associates the opportunity to work for her. She arms the guys with her unlimited means -- including access to her private planes, the latest technology and state-of-the-art offices.

Ilsa originally solemnly pledges to be an entirely silent partner, but rapidly becomes embroiled in the day-to-day operations of the team, even saving the gentlemen's bacon on a couple of occasions. She earns, in time, the grudging respect of the team's cleaner, and shows her willingness to take great risks to protect all the members of this new family.


Laverne WinstonEdit

The most stable and generally rewarding bond Ilsa appears to have in the group, as they are frequently the voice of sanity when the more action-oriented components of the team want to do something rash. Winston from the very beginning sees the upside of a patron with bottomless pockets, but also develops a healthy respect for Ilsa's courage, strength of mind and intelligence.

Christopher ChanceEdit

Along with a strong mutual attraction, there is an equal mutual wariness, neither looking to get hurt again emotionally, nor given to wearing their heart on their sleeve. Despite her initial promise, Ilsa is an increasingly hands-on boss as the series progresses.


Ilsa's protegee of sorts, and the only other woman around regularly, Ames still has enough rough edges to make her boss frequently nervous with some cause.


Once Ilsa seems to accept that, by his own lights, Guerrero has everyone's back, she and the assassin develop a mutual respect. He even does her the singular honor of turning up for a couple of administrative meetings - once with a 'customer', but he is there.

Known PossessionsEdit

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