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Human Target is a television show based (very loosely) on the Human Target comic book character of DC Comics. In 2016, the concept and the character were rebooted by Greg Berlanti in Arrow Season Five, turning this wiki and its subject essentially into a pocket universe.

The events of the series happen in San Francisco and follow the life of Christopher Chance, a unique private contractor, bodyguard and security expert hired to protect his clients. Rather than taking on the target's identity himself (as in the comic book version), he protects his clients by completely integrating himself into their lives, to become the human target...


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DC comics

Live action:
Arrowverse (Arrow, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Black Lightning, Constantine, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash (1990), The Flash (2014), Supergirl)BatmanDoom PatrolGothamHuman TargetiZombieKryptonLois & Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanLuciferPennyworthPowerlessPreacherSmallvilleStargirlSwamp ThingTitansDC Universe

Batman: The Animated SeriesBatman: The Brave and the BoldBeware the BatmanDC Animated Universe (Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The New Batman Adventures, Static Shock, Superman: The Animated Series, The Zeta Project)Green Lantern: The Animated SeriesHarley QuinnJustice League ActionSuper FriendsTeen TitansTeen Titans Go!Young Justice

Featured Character

Christopher Chance

Christopher Chance is a private contractor and security expert, hired to protect individuals who seek his unique services when they are not able to turn to official authorities. He originally operated out of his private apartment/office in San Francisco, California, with his business partner, former police officer and longtime associate Laverne Winston and his Rottweiler, Carmine.


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