Human Target
Human Target 2010 Intertitle


Action drama

Created by

Jon Steinberg

Directed by

Simon West


Mark Valley
Jackie Earle Haley
Chi McBride


Bear McCreary

Executive producers

Brad Kern
Jon Steinberg


FOX wordmark

Original airing

January 17, 2010

Human Target is a television show based (extremely) loosely on, arguably merely suggested by, the Human Target comic book character of DC Comics. The original concept was seen in the fifth season of Arrow.

Premise Edit

The events of the series take place in San Francisco and follow the life of Christopher Chance, a unique private contractor, bodyguard and security expert hired to protect his clients. Rather than taking on the target's identity himself (with prosthetics etc., as in the comic book version), he protects his clients by completely integrating himself into their lives, to become the human target.

Characters Edit

Main characters Edit

Recurring characters Edit

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