This business acquaintance/former employer/agent of Guerrero is the man he reaches out to when he needs to know the word on the street re McNamara Engineering's interests in putting a stop to Stephanie Dobbs. He is one of the few people not remotely intimidated by the (former?) hitman at any point in their interaction, lecturing him on the dangers of 'fighting the good fight', and seeming genuinely, if somewhat dispassionately, concerned for his well-being. Among people such as them, this may well be what passes for friendship, as he is listed on IMDB as 'Guerrero's Friend'. He is accompanied by a large, silent gentleman whose swift reaction to Guerrero's 'unauthorized' approach suggests he is a bodyguard, though this is never stated. Regrettably, this is our only glimpse of these particular denizens of Guerrero's world.