"Dead Head"
Season 02, Number 05


Name "Dead Head"
Air date December 15, 2010
Written by Story: Tom Spezialy

Teleplay: Dan E. Fesman & Nora Zuckerman & Lilla Zuckerman

Directed by Paul Edwards
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"The Return of Baptiste"
"The Other Side of the Mall"

Dead Head is the fifth episode of the second season of Human Target, and the seventeenth overall.


When a client's sudden and suspicious amnesia prevents him from remembering his own identity — and knowing who might want him dead — Winston is forced to ask his own ex-wife for help. As the client's memory returns, the problems just keep coming, and the tale gets progressively less appealing and harder to swallow - and more crammed with indiscriminate bad guys.

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  • "Dead Head" is a long-standing nickname/badge of honor for the hardcore fans of the band The Grateful Dead.