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"Dead Head"
Season {{#pad:2|2|0|left}}, Number 05

2x05 Episode.jpg

Air date December 15, 2010
Written by Story: Tom Spezialy

Teleplay: Dan E. Fesman &
Nora Zuckerman &
Lilla Zuckerman

Directed by Paul Edwards
Production code 2J5705
U.S. viewers 5.82 million
U.S. ratings 3.5/6 HH
1.6/5 A18-49
Case Folder
Location: San Francisco, California
Protectee David Jarecki (aka John Doe)
Money launderer, amnesiac
Episode Guide
"The Return of Baptiste"
"The Other Side of the Mall"

Dead Head is the fifth episode of the second season of Human Target, and the seventeenth overall.


When a client's sudden and suspicious amnesia prevents him from remembering his own identity — and knowing who might want him dead — Winston is forced to ask his own ex-wife for help. As the client's memory returns, the problems just keep coming, and the tale gets progressively less appealing and harder to swallow - and more crammed with indiscriminate bad guys.

Guest stars[]

  • Roger Bart as John Doe
  • Nick Chinlund as Lt. Broward
  • Tracie Thoms as Michelle
  • Paul Andrich as Uniformed Cop
  • Art Kitching as ER Doctor
  • Colin Lawrence as Delgado
  • Byron Noble as Paul
  • C. Douglas Quan as ND Forensics Guy
  • Christopher Rosamund as Agent
  • James Tyce as Detective Nolan


  • "Dead Head" is a long-standing nickname/badge of honor for the hardcore fans of the band The Grateful Dead.