"Corner Man"
Season {{#pad:1|2|0|left}}, Number 09

1x09 Episode.jpg

Air date March 21, 2010 (CTV)
March 24, 2010 (Fox)
Written by Jonathan E. Steinberg
Robert Levine
Directed by Steve Boyum
Production code 2J5159
U.S. viewers 6.8 million
U.S. ratings 4.3/7 HH
2.0/6 A18-49
Case Folder
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Protectee Eddie Dunn
Prize boxer
Cover Grant Johnson
Underground mixed martial artist
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Corner Man is the ninth episode of Human Target.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

"You're saying it's a Freudian slip. Chance sees himself in Eva. Prentiss uses her the same way his old boss used him. What you actually think he's afraid of is a showdown with the Old Man, and that's what's causing the yips, right?"

Chance climbs in the octagon as an MMA prize fighter in Belgium in order to make an underworld figure lose. In the course of his investigation, Chance meets up with Eva Khan, the daughter of a deceased prize fighter and his target's inside source, and bet placer.

Case file[edit | edit source]

**Awaiting after-action report**

Guest star[edit | edit source]

Statements and hearsay[edit | edit source]

Memorable quotes from the case.

**Awaiting after-action report**

Music[edit | edit source]


Human Target - Corner Man

Though unusual for the series, Prentiss gets a theme for the episode that he shares with Eva. Composer Bear McCreary uses it to explore the dynamic of their relationship.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Winston explains to Chance that his fear isn't about what the Old Man would do him but to the others he's become close to in his life, specifically Winston. Ironically, it is the Old Man who comes to Chance's aid to rescue Winston (albeit for selfish reasons) at the end of the season.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. McCreary, Bear (March 24, 2010). Human Target: Corner Man. BearMcCreary.com.
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