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Christopher Chance (Lee Majors)
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Name Christopher Chance (Lee Majors)
Played by Lee Majors
First appearance Christopher Chance

The previous Christopher Chance. Not much is known about him aside from the fact that it is not his real (or at least original) name. More akin to a title passed from mentor to student. The current Chance was not his student for very long, only one mission. It is unknown if he planned to pass the title on to the extant version, though it is possible because they met at least once before, and it was implied it was one of the few if not only missions, or at least fights, that the current Chance had lost to that point, at least while working for The Old Man.

He died before he officially passed the name/title on.


He was neither the first nor the last Christopher Chance. It is unknown how many people have taken on the name Christopher Chance.

Christopher Chance is something akin to a title for: "The guy you go to when no one else will help.". It appears also to offer some form or degree of redemption for the bearer, an opportunity to atone for past misdeeds, and balance the scales.