The $80 billion public transport scheme being overseen by Stephanie Dobbs, the California Bullet Train is a brand-new, state-of-the-art system for high speed (200 mph safe cruising) transit along the Pacific Coast. $62 billion of that is U.S. tax dollars, according to Stephanie, causing Chance to quip, "Even I want to kill you just a little bit right now". Its maiden voyage is where Chance hopes to flush out the killer sent to take out his client, Stephanie, although the train is packed with dignitaries, including the head of McNamara Engineering, Mr. McNamara himself and the Undersecretary for Mass Transit, among many others, as well as other employees of McNamara such as Tom and Stephanie's ex, James Dobbs. There are even international ramifications, in the form of Mr. Saito and his consortium of Japanese investors, who have sunk vast sums into the project. ("Pilot")