Human Target Wiki
Name Ames
Played by Janet Montgomery

Ames is a beautiful but chameleon-like thief who can steal anything from anyone, anywhere. She encounters Chance's team while they are on assignment, protecting Ilsa Pucci. Ames is commissioned to switch Ilsa's ring for an identical one, and the pay is good enough for her to keep her questions to herself. She is therefore in the eye of the storm when chaos erupts.

She appears in all but two of the episodes in the second season of the show, and is key to several of their successes. She develops particularly close relationships with Winston and Guerrero, despite rocky starts in both cases. Guerrero in particular she's heard enough of to be justifiably terrified.

Ames cuts her ties with her past to a large degree in "Taking Ames". According to an exchange with Winston in "Kill Bob," she's a Scorpio.